Adventuring in Arizona

John Annerino (Author)
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From mountain heights to canyon depths, Arizona offers more opportunities for adventure than most people would contemplate in a lifetime. John Annerino has experienced more Arizona adventures than most, and he shares them in this book. It features 50 excursions—canyoneering, trekking, climbing, river running, and even car touring—plus an overview of geology, ecology, and climate, and an introduction to Native American tribes and state history. Maps, travel notes, and planning essentials such as water sources and supply points help make this an indispensable guide for outdoor excitement.
"Anyone with the slightest interest in Arizona's natural and cultural history, whether an active or armchair adventurer, should have in their library John Annerino's excellent Adventuring in Arizona. . . . All guidebooks should be like this one: making learning and discovery as important as destination in all adventures." —Desert Skies

"The best guidebook to the state's wild places." —Tucson Weekly

"A fast-moving blend of history and trekking advice." —Detroit Free Press

"An authoritative look at one of the most adventure-laden states anywhere by a man who both knows the state and how to operate in the outback. . . . One of the things we like best is Annerino's love for the history and geology of Arizona. He not only goes to great lengths to tell you of the prospectors, explorers and mountain men, but he also tells you the lay of the land and why it got that way. For those wanting to travel the outback, this should be a standard reference work." —Arizona Republic
Adventuring in Arizona
445 Pages 6 x 9 x 1.2 Published: 2003 Paperback (9780816523191)

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