Joshua Tree

Desolation Tango

Deanne Stillman (Author), Galen Hunt (Photographer)
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In a subtle dance of arid solitude, two southern California deserts come together at Joshua Tree National Park. One is the Colorado Desert—an extension of the Sonoran Desert—and features natural gardens of ocotillo and cholla cactus. The other end of the park engages the Mojave Desert, the special habitat of the Joshua tree as well as some of the most interesting geologic displays found anywhere. After the area became a national monument in 1936, local and regional residents were the primary visitors. As Southern California grew so did park visitation; Joshua Tree now lies within a three-hour drive of more than 18 million people. Elevated from national monument to national park status in 1994, Joshua tree now sees greater numbers of visitors than ever from around the nation and the world. For Deanne Stillman, Joshua Tree is a place of pilgrimage. Her own desert mecca, the park speaks to her in ways that no other place does. With crisp and impassioned narrative she takes the reader through the park’s wonders, including a talking cactus, mysterious petroglyphs, and rocks in the shape of the late New York Yankees manager Billy Martin. Stunning photographs by Galen Hunt further accentuate the gorgeous landscape, highlighting the growing need to preserve its beauty. While it explores the park’s history, geology, flora, and fauna, Joshua Tree also is a plea to walk lightly on the land, to conserve our natural heritage, and to appreciate places that call out to the soul.

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"Stillman balances romantic prose, written to the park's animal and botanical inhabitants, with acrid protests that rage against the insane bureaucracy of its government stewards, the apathy of its visitors and the polluting effects of urban sprawl." —Antelope Valley Press"Deanne Stillman has a lock on the desert. After her brilliant and troubling take on Twentynine Palms, she has created a vivid meditation on the adjacent Joshua Tree National Park. Deanne reveals a deep empathy for the bizarre beauty of this rocky and spiny wonderland. Her snappy commentary is embellished with magnificent photographs by Galen Hunt." —Kenneth Anger, author of Hollywood Babylon"I love Joshua Tree. There is no place like it. This book captures, remarkably, the mystery and beauty of this special park. Deanne Stillman's text is beautiful, understated and precise. Galen Hunt's photographs are truly artful. This is great introduction to one the most special places on Earth." —Percival Everett, author of Wounded"The darkness that Deanne Stillman conjured up out of her book Twentynine Palms is the stark contrast to the way that she portrays the sacred land that we know as Joshua Tree monument. It's a poetic document along with excellent photographs. " —Eric Burdon, founding member of The Animals and long-time Joshua Tree resident"This tribute reveals the landscape of a startling country whose visa requirements are resolute inquisitiveness, an active imagination, and simple curiosity. As Stillman and Hunt show, Joshua Tree can be unsettling, provocative, and ultimately gratifying. May your visa to Joshua Tree never expire." —Tom Miller, award-winning author of On the Border: Portraits of America's Southwestern Frontier

“Stillman’s insightful, witty, and sometimes odd narrative is beautifully supported by Hunt’s photos.” —
Joshua Tree
96 Pages 8.5 x 10 x 0.4 Published: 2006 Paperback (9780816523504)

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