Central American Migrations in the Twenty-First Century

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The reality of Central American migrations is broad, diverse, multidirectional, and uncertain. It also offers hope, resistance, affection, solidarity, and a sense of community for a region that has one of the highest rates of human displacement in the world.

Central American Migrations in the Twenty-First Century tackles head-on the way Central America has been portrayed as a region profoundly marked by the migration of its people. Through an intersectional approach, this volume demonstrates how the migration experience is complex and affected by gender, age, language, ethnicity, social class, migratory status, and other variables. Contributors carefully examine a broad range of topics, including forced migration, deportation and outsourcing, intraregional displacements, the role of social media, and the representations of human mobility in performance, film, and literature. The volume establishes a productive dialogue between humanities and social sciences scholars, and it paves the way for fruitful future discussions on the region’s complex migratory processes.

Guillermo Acuña
Andrew Bentley
Fiore Bran-Aragón
Tiffanie Clark
Mauricio Espinoza
Hilary Goodfriend
Leda Carolina Lozier
Judith Martínez
Alicia V. Nuñez
Miroslava Arely Rosales Vásquez
Manuel Sánchez Cabrera
Ignacio Sarmiento
Gracia Silva
Carolina Simbaña González
María Victoria Véliz
“This edited volume explores Central American twenty-first century migration by engaging the ways in which the stories and realities of migrants are told, represented, and disseminated. An important read.”—Natalia Deeb-Sossa, co-editor of Latinx Belonging

“The thirteen chapters in the critical anthology Central American Migrations in the Twenty-First Century offer a timely approach to understanding the multiple directions of Central American migrations as well as important insights into the varied ways that the Central American diasporas survive and organize.”—Alicia Estrada, co-editor of U.S. Central Americans
Central American Migrations in the Twenty-First Century
368 Pages 6 x 9 x 0
Published: November 2023Paperback ISBN: 9780816551910
Published: November 2023Hardcover ISBN: 9780816551927
Published: November 2023Ebook ISBN: 9780816551934

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