Colonial Itineraries of Contemporary Mexico

Literary and Cultural Inquiries

Oswaldo Estrada (Editor), Anna M. Nogar (Editor)
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The rewritings of the Mexican colonia discussed in this book question a present reality of marginalities and inequality, of imposed political domination, and of hybrid subjectivities. In their examination of the novels, films, poetry, and chronicles produced in and outside of Mexico since 2000, the critics included in Colonial Itineraries of Contemporary Mexico produce new interpretations, alternative readings, and different angles of analysis that extend far beyond the theories of the new historical novel of the eighties and nineties, and well beyond the limits of the novel as re-creative genre.

Through a transformative interdisciplinary lens, this book studies the ultra-contemporary chronicles of Carlos Monsiváis, the poetry of Carmen Boullosa and Luis Felipe Fabre, and the novels of Enrique Serna, Héctor de Mauleón, Mónica Lavín, and Pablo Soler Frost, among others. The book also pays close attention to a good sample of recent children’s literature that revisit Mexico’s colonia. It includes the transatlantic perspective of Spanish novelist Inma Chacón, and a detailed analysis of the strategies employed by Laura Esquivel in the creation of a best seller. Other chapters are devoted to the study of transnational film productions, a play by Flavio González Mello, and a set of novels set in the nineteenth-century colonia that problematize static notions of both personal and national identity within specific cultural palimpsests. Taken together, these incisive readings open broader conversations about Mexican coloniality as it continues well into the twenty-first century.
“An important guide to early twenty-first-century writing on Mexico. A vital and innovative book on the polemics of recreating the colonial past in a neoliberal era.” — David William Foster, author of Mexican Literature: A History

Colonial Itineraries sheds light on our knowledge of colonial and contemporary Mexican literature. A lasting contribution to our understanding of a unique historical and literary phenomenon.” — Michael K. Schuessler, author of Foundational Arts. Mural Painting and Missionary Theater in New Spain

“A great way to study Mexico’s colonial era from an ultra contemporary perspective. Colonial Itineraries’ essays are rigorous and enlightening. A must-read book for Mexicanists.”— Sara Poot Herrera, author of Los guardaditos de Sor Juana
Colonial Itineraries of Contemporary Mexico
312 Pages 6 x 9
Published: October 2014Hardcover ISBN: 9780816531080
Published: October 2014Ebook ISBN: 9780816598755

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