Dead in Their Tracks

Crossing America’s Desert Borderlands in the New Era

John Annerino (Author)
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It is America’s killing field, and the deaths keep mounting. As the political debate has intensified and demonstrators have taken to the streets, more and more illegal border-crossers die trying to cross the desert on their way to what they hope will be a better life.

The Arizona border is the deadliest immigrant trail in America today. For the strong and the lucky, the trail ends at a pick-up on an Interstate highway. For far too many others, it ends terribly—too often violently—not far from where they began.

Dead in Their Tracks is a first hand account of the perils associated with crossing the desert on foot. John Annerino recounts his experience making that trek with four illegal immigrants—and his return trips to document the struggles of those who persist in this treacherous journey. In this spellbinding narrative, he takes readers into the “empty quarter” of the Southwest to meet the migrant workers and drug runners, the ranchers and Border Patrol agents, who populate today’s headlines.

Other writers have documented the deaths; few have invited readers to share the experience as Annerino does. His feel for the land and his knowledge of surviving in the wilderness combine to make his account every bit as harrowing as it is for the people who risk it every day, and in increasing numbers.

Each book includes an In Memorium card recognizing an immigrant, refugee, border agent, local, or humanitarian who has died in America's borderlands."

The desert may seem changeless, but there are more bodies now, and Annerino has revised his original text to record some of the compelling stories that have come to light since the book’s first publication and has updated the photographs and written a new introduction and afterword. Dead in Their Tracks is now more timely than ever—and essential reading for the ongoing debate over illegal immigration.

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“Annerino conveys the struggle of migrants who cross the U.S.–Mexico border with compassion because he had the courage to make the journey himself. A gripping work of investigative reporting.” —National Geographic Adventure

“Annerino’s evocative words and haunting pictures make the issue impossible to ignore.” —People magazine

"The story is riveting. Annerino's writing is emotional and graphic." —San Diego Union-Tribune 

"Dead in Their Tracks
is an important and troubling work about a desolate corner of the American Southwest and the Mexican men and women who follow the Camino del Diablo in search of the American Dream." —San Antonio Express-News

"This book, which includes many photos and maps, is a stunning portrayal of the dangers, including death, faced by immigrants eager to work in the United States."
Library Journal

This book jars the senses with images of death and survival." —Arizona Daily Star 
Dead in Their Tracks
304 Pages 6 x 9 x 0.9 Published: 2009 Paperback (9780816527656)

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