Excavations at Snaketown

Material Culture

Harold S. Gladwin (Author), Emil W. Haury (Author), E. B. Sayles (Author), Nora Gladwin (Author)
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"[Gladwin] accomplished, from the 1920's on, a series of fundamentally important studies of the prehistoric cultures of the region from Texas to California. None of these surveys or excavations was more important than the excavation of Snaketown, in the southern Arizona desert. It provided a wealth of details for a major prehistoric culture, the Hohokam, which previously had been scarcely recognized. It dislodged many long-held dogmas of Southwestern archaeology and provided the basis for a major reorientation in thinking about the nature of the prehistoric occupations of Arizona and adjacent states. . . . [This volume] has remained indispensable for its detailed reporting of house remains, ball courts, canals, cremations, pottery, carved stone, and other artifacts."—Science

"The reprint will come as a blessing to many archaeologists who have sought in vain to obtain a copy of the original volume. It now stands as a body of data easily accessible to all workers, and we look forward to a new phase of synthesis of Hohokam archaeology."—American Antiquity
"The presentation of the material . . . is masterly, and all that is humanly possible in rendering archaeological information intelligible has been carried out. . . . The Snaketown report is a significant and important contribution to American archaeology. It will rank as an outstanding product of an enlightened archaeological technique, employed by an intelligent and seeking mind."—American Anthropologist

“I am grateful for this capable, painstaking, and well-organized report. It is tops; it is exciting; it is far above most other footling, sterile archaeological publications; and it is fearless.”—Paul S. Martin, Field Museum of Natural History, for American Antiquity
Excavations at Snaketown
530 Pages 8.25 x 11
Published: October 2016Paperback ISBN: 9780816535224
Published: April 2022Ebook ISBN: 9780816547760

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