The Grand Canyon

Intimate Views

Robert C. Euler (Editor), Frank Tikalsky (Editor), Ann Zwinger (Foreword)
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Your personal tour of the Grand Canyon by the folks who know it best! Geology and biology, Indians and explorers, rafting and hiking—it's all here in this one handy guide written by five people whose years of hiking, river running, studying, and simply contemplating the Canyon have given them an intimate knowledge of its wonders that few others can match.


Foreword, by Ann H. Zwinger
1. The Geologic Record, by Stanley S. Beus
2. The Living Canyon, by Steven W. Carothers
3. Grand Canyon Indians, by Robert C. Euler
4. Historical Explorations, by Robert C. Euler
5. The Canyon by River, by Kim Crumbo
6. Hiking the Canyon, by Frank Tikalsky
"If I were to select just one book on the Canyon for concise and comprehensive information, this would be the book. . . . Beautifully designed and produced." —National Tombstone Epitaph

"In concise and lively essays, five Canyon experts introduce visitors to the history, peoples, and natural wonders that inspire awe and contribute to the grandeur of the canyonlands. Euler's spectacular color and black-and-white photographs capture a tantalizing fraction of the beauty that greets newcomers and seasoned river rats alike. In a lyrical foreword, naturalist Ann Zwinger pronounces this a book that is 'more than the sum of its parts.' Readers will heartily agree." —Journal of Arizona History

"A comprehensive and handsome guidebook . . . The romance of the subject permeates the entire work. . . . It is certainly highly recommended for any reader wanting a condensed overview of the Canyon and all its splendors." —The Branding Iron

"Informatively in-depth, an intelligent survey of what we know—and don't know—about the Colorado River's impressive chasm. . . . Each [essay] has its own flavor, and they range from the semi-technical to the illuminating to the practical." —Deseret News

"The experts were brought in for this succinct guide to one of the world's most marvelous natural wonders-the Grand Canyon. History, natural and manmade, mixes with tales of the Colorado River and the canyon's trails in six short chapters, each written by specialists focusing on their particular Grand Canyon passion. . . . For the uninitiated, this book would serve as a good Grand Canyon primer." —Albuquerque Journal

"Nearly a perfect introduction to Arizona's wonder." —Books of the Southwest
The Grand Canyon
113 Pages 7.5 x 9.25 x 0.4
Published: May 2016Ebook ISBN: 9780816534715

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