The Sky at Night

Easy Enjoyment from Your Backyard

Tim Hunter (Author)
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Ideal for backyard stargazers, this introduction to astronomy offers a unique blend of advice and personal observations. Drawn from decades of experiences and enjoyment watching the night sky, Tim B. Hunter helps beginners take up the hobby of watching the night sky.

An avid stargazer and astronomy columnist, Hunter covers all the basics—from the Moon, planets, and stars to the history and origins of constellations and selected famous astronomers and events. Emphasis is on naked-eye viewing with an occasional reference to using a pair of binoculars or a small telescope, encouraging beginners to explore the skies while giving them a solid understanding of what they see. Building on his writings for the long-running Sky Spy column, Hunter defines and outlines astronomical terms and how they relate to locating objects in the sky. He weaves in his personal experiences of what he learned about astronomy as a columnist for more than a decade, detailing his mistakes and triumphs to help other would-be astronomers excel in this heavenly hobby.
“Tim Hunter’s book offers a unique window into the world of astronomy, with abundant advice and expertise on observing the sky and how to expand your knowledge of the cosmos."—David J. Eicher, author of The New Cosmos: Answering Astronomy’s Big Questions

“If you are an amateur astronomer, you need to read this book. If you are not an amateur astronomer, you need to read this book. If you have ever wondered about the night sky and what you can and cannot see, you need to read this book. For those thinking about enjoying the skies and looking for a beginning source, read this book.”—Gerald Orin Dobek, director of the Joseph H. Rogers Observatory

“Lifelong stargazer, amateur astronomer, and astronomy columnist Tim B. Hunter’s The Sky at Night is a trove of mind-boggling facts and astounding mysteries that will captivate astronomy sophisticates and children alike.” –Kristine Morris, Foreward Reviews

"With this excellent book, Hunter has collected insights, information and observations from more than 750 columns and produced a highly readable reference that will be a boon to amateur astronomers and, indeed, to anyone who’s ever looked up at the sky and wondered. . . . The joy of this book is its accessibility, in the sense of 'science for the rest of us.' Hunter never talks over the reader’s head and focuses primarily on 'naked eye' observations — no fancy or expensive equipment needed. Just head outside, have a seat, and look up—chances are you’ll see something intriguing, and Hunter wants you to know all about it."—Helene Woodhams, Arizona Daily Star

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