The Visions of Sor María de Agreda

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Clark Colahan (Author)
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Sor María de Agreda (1602-65) was a Spanish nun and visionary who is best known as the author of the widely read biography of the Virgin Mary, The Mystical City of God, and as the missionary who "bilocated" to the American Southwest, reportedly appearing to Indians there without ever leaving Spain. Her role as advisor to King Philip IV contributed further to her legend.

Clark Colahan now offers the first major study of Sor María's writings, including translations of two previously unpublished works: Face of the Earth and Map of the Spheres and the first half of her Report to Father Manero, in which she reflects on her bilocation.
“María de Agreda was and is well-known but rarely read. The debate about her Mystical City of God at the Sorbonne and her role as advisor to King Philip IV have contributed to the legend of her extraordinary capabilities. Colahan’s translation contributes to the study of women’s and religious history by making accessible to English speakers texts never before translated. . . . The original archival and manuscript research is thorough and has produced some interesting comparisons among texts and plausible arguments for authenticity.” —Stacey Schlau, co-editor of Untold Sisters: Hispanic Nuns in Their Own Works
The Visions of Sor María de Agreda
206 Pages 6 x 9 Published: 2016 Paperback (9780816532865)

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