Biodiversity in small spaces

biodiversity in small spaces is a series that provides short, to-the-point books that re-examine the conservation of biodiversity in small places and focus on the interplay of memory, identity, and affect in determining what matters, and thus what stays, thereby shaping the fabric of biodiversity in the present and, ultimately, the future. The authors will cover, in an accessible way, the range of marginalities, subjectivities, and chronologies, from indigenous farmers nurturing, defending, or repatriating their traditional crop varieties to college towns re-embedding food production and consumption into the social fabric of their communities.

The objective of this series is to reach and engage university audiences at the cusp of developing teaching and research trajectories. The books will also engage practitioners who address the intersections of the sciences and the humanities on topics pertinent to current issues of biodiversity loss, international agricultural research centers seeking conceptual and methodological frameworks in response to a growing mandate to collaborate with local custodians of plant genetic resources, and community activists seeking to promote in situ conservation of crops as well as to re-invigorate cultural and agricultural heritage.

The series will serve as a forum for local initiatives in conservation that foreground resistance and resilience in contrast to more orthodox, formal strategies. In this regard, we will welcome contributions from indigenous, immigrant, and other minority voices representing themselves.

The Edible Gardens of Ethiopia The Edible Gardens of Ethiopia
The Edible Gardens of Ethiopia

The Edible Gardens of Ethiopia

An Ethnographic Journey into Beauty and Hunger

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