Global Change/Global Health

Global Change/Global Health: Revealing Critical Interactions Between Social and Environmental Processes is a new series for scholarly monographs that treat global change and human health as interconnected phenomena. The goals of the series are to advance scholarship across the social and health sciences, contribute to public debates, and inform public policies about the human dimensions of global change.

The series editors seek single-authored monographs by scholars working in the social, behavioral, and health sciences, addressing key convergences of global change and global health:

  • The health-related causes and consequences of environmental change
  • Spatiotemporal processes of health
  • The phenomenology of climate, environmental, and lifestyle changes
  • Critical analyses of global change and global health initiatives
  • Theoretical and methodological contributions to global change and global health studies
  • Global flows of people and ideas related to environments and wellbeing
  • Ethical debates about global climate, health, and political and social restructurings
  • Human and environmental relationships to new technologies
  • Global change and global health in relationship to global conflicts

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts at any stage of development. Please contact the series editors for a full description and submission guidelines.


About the Series Editors

Elizabeth Anne Olson is an assistant professor of anthropology at Southern Utah University, a co-editor of Plants and Health: New Perspectives on the Health-Environment-Plant Nexus, and the author of Indigenous Knowledge and Development: Livelihoods, Health Experiences, and Medicinal Plant Knowledge in a Mexican Biosphere Reserve. Her research interests include ethnobotany, community-based conservation, indigenous peoples of Mexico, and public health.

Cynthia T. Fowler is an associate professor of anthropology at Wofford College, the president of the Society of Ethnobiology, a co-founder of the open access online journal Ethnobiology Letters, and the author of Biosocial Synchrony on Sumba: Multispecies Relationships and Environmental Variations in Indonesia. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Ecological Anthropology, Anthropology News, Journal of Ethnobiology, and Human Ecology Review. Her research interests include ethnography, global health, fire science, and science and technology studies.

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Cultivating Knowledge

Biotechnology, Sustainability, and the Human Cost of Cotton Capitalism in India

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