Dance of the Returned

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The disappearance of a young Choctaw leads Detective Monique Blue Hawk to investigate a little-known ceremonial dance. As she traces the steps of the missing man, she discovers that the seemingly innocuous Renewal Dance is not what it appears to be. After Monique embarks on a journey that she never thought possible, she learns that the past and future can converge to offer endless possibilities for the present. She must also accept her own destiny of violence and peacekeeping.

"Mihesuah offers readers a deep dive into the mythos of past and present Indigenous consciousness. She delights with impenetrable questions that spiral us into the mysteries of the human psyche. Submersing readers into an other-world enigma, Mihesuah mingles deep research of her Choctaw traditions and history with a compelling plot. I couldn't read fast enough. I raced toward the story's thought-provoking conclusion."—Oscar Hokeah, author of Calling for a Blanket Dance

"Devon A. Mihesuah's talent as a writer and vision as a storyteller is mind-blowing. Dance of the Returned is unforgettable. Consider me a fan for life! Mahsi cho!"—Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed and Moccasin Square Gardens

“You’ve got to love Detective Monique Blue Hawk. This time we follow her on a trip through space and time as we wonder if this will be her last case, or is it a new beginning? Mihesuah seamlessly weaves her knowledge of Native history throughout the story. Recommended!”—Bill McCloud, author of The Smell of the Light

"What a trip! In this dazzling return of Detective Blue Hawk, Devon Mihesuah forever alters the genetic code of the mystery genre with heavy doses of Chahta cosmology, prying open portals to the Native past and pondering mysteries of time and space. With profound knowledge, ironic humor, and a gift for visionary narrative, Mihesuah expands the consciousness of the reader."—Michael Snyder, author of John Joseph Mathews: Life of an Osage Writer

“Mihesuah’s novel draws us in with a series of mysteries that keep you guessing. The stakes quickly become personal, weaving in elements of the mystical and blending genres: historical fiction meets sci-fi and alternative history caged inside the expectations of a good mystery—all from the perspective of Choctaw Detective Monique Blue Hawk. You’re in for a surprising ride.”—Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler, author of Ghost Lake

“This novel is a fascinating and thrilling ride into Choctaw cosmology and the supernatural. [It] explores themes of the sacred, tribal belief, and existing between two worlds.”—Tiffany Midge, author of Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese’s


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