Rewriting the Chicano Movement

New Histories of Mexican American Activism in the Civil Rights Era

Mario T. García (Editor), Ellen McCracken (Editor)
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The Chicano Movement, el movimiento, is known as the largest and most expansive civil rights and empowerment movement by Mexican Americans up to that time. It made Chicanos into major American political actors and laid the foundation for today’s Latino political power. Rewriting the Chicano Movement is a collection of powerful new essays on the Chicano Movement that expand and revise our understanding of the movement. These essays capture the commitment, courage, and perseverance of movement activists, both men and women, and their struggles to achieve the promises of American democracy.

The essays in this volume broaden traditional views of the Chicano Movement that are too narrow and monolithic. Instead, the contributors to this book highlight the role of women in the movement, the regional and ideological diversification of the movement, and the various cultural fronts in which the movement was active. Rewriting the Chicano Movement stresses that there was no single Chicano Movement but instead a composite of movements committed to the same goal of Chicano self-determination. Scholars, students, and community activists interested in the history of the Chicano Movement can best start by reading this book.

Contributors: Holly Barnet-Sanchez, Tim Drescher, Jesús Jesse Esparza, Patrick Fontes, Mario T. García, Tiffany Jasmín González, Ellen McCracken, Juan Pablo Mercado, Andrea Muñoz, Michael Anthony Turcios, Omar Valerio-Jiménez

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Introduction: The Chicano Movement, Chicano History, and the New American Narrative
Mario T. García

Precursor of the Chicano Movement: Walkout! The 1936 El Paso School Strike
Mario T. García

Breaking Barriers for Inclusion: Chicanas Running for Public Office and the Chicana/o Civil Rights Movement in Texas
Tiffany Jasmin González

La Caravana de la Reconquista: The Brown Berets Contest Memories of Conquest
Omar Valerio-Jiménez

From Siqueiros to SPARC: The Historical and Ideological Roots of a Chicana Mural Movement
Juan Pablo Mercado

Chale con la Guerra: The Chicano Antiwar Movement in Houston, 1965–1975
Jesús Jesse Esparza

An Insider’s Story of the Chicano Movement: Roque García of Santa Fe
Ellen McCracken

Taking Chicanoa and Solidarity Murals Seriously
Holly Barnet-Sanchez and Tim Drescher

Blowout! The Testimonio of Mita Cuarón and the 1968 East Los Angeles Walkouts
Andrea Muñoz

The Chicano Moving Image on Walls and Media Activism
Michael Anthony Turcios

“We Were in a Foreign Land”: The Chicano Movement in Fresno County
Patrick Fontes

“Conversation about the Chicano Movement is far from over—in fact, it is continuing and getting reenergized all the time. Here, veteran and rising scholars across a variety of disciplines give us fascinating, multi-sited snapshots of this political moment in American history. I found myself learning so many new things about the ways that Mexican American women, men, and children spearheaded struggles for their equal rights and treatment across the Southwest.”—Lori A. Flores, author of Grounds for Dreaming: Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the California Farmworker Movement

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